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Scaling circular economies

through climate and

impact financing

Why Circular Economy?

The world faces a climate crisis.

However, solving for carbon emissions alone ignores the other economic, social, and environmental challenges that need to be tackled for a just transition.

We believe that circular economy models give the tools to fight carbon emissions while also creating new systems that benefit people, business, and the natural world.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 45% of existing greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced through the pursuit of circular economy models. Read more

According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we only have 10 years left to transform our social and economic systems to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Read more

We have no time to waste.

What Defines
Circular Economy?

The circular economy is based on three principles:


Eliminate waste and pollution

Reduce waste, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose products.


Circulate products and materials

Keep materials in use, as a product or as raw components when they can no longer be used.


Regenerate nature

Support natural processes and leave more room for nature to thrive.

What will it take to move away from our linear economy toward one where waste is eliminated, resources are circulated, and nature is regenerated?

What We Do

We focus on scaling circular economies through carbon credit financing.
We work with circular economy organizations to:


Develop carbon methodologies


Develop efficient and affordable monitoring, reporting and verification protocols


Market and sell quality carbon credits

Example Projects

Regen Organics Processing Plant

Regen Organics

Regen Organics collects, treats, and converts organic waste streams into regenerative agricultural and energy products such as organic fertilizer, insect protein for animal feed, and sustainable ecofuels.

Circular Impact is working with Regen Organics on several carbon projects focused on its proprietary organic waste upcycling process, biochar production, and regenerative farming applications.

Fresh Life Operator in Kisumu, Kenya.


Fresh Life works with municipalities, utilities, and residents to deliver safe, equitable, and sustainable sanitation solutions in booming cities.

Circular Impact is working with Fresh Life to register its first carbon project focused on its novel sanitation solution.

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